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Term Loans

Term Business loans help you seize those growth opportunities with a variety of rate options and set repayment schedules.

Short Term Fixed Business Term Loans features and benefits:

  • Loans are repaid in three years or less
  • Repayment options are typically monthly but other options are available 
  • Both secured and unsecured collateral options are available 

Ideal for financing:

  • Minor production equipment
  • Cash for operations
  • Computer and data equipment

Extended Term Loans

Extended Term Loan features and benefits:

  • Loans are repaid in terms ranging from 3-7 years
  • Repayment is typically monthly or quarterly
  • Assets are secured as collateral
  • Fixed, balloon and variable rate options are available

Ideal for financing:

  • Major production equipment
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Purchase machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and leasehold improvement purchases
  • Expand or modernize facilities

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Membership Benefits

At Azura, we are dedicated to innovative banking solutions. We give our members awesome benefits because we know when they succeed, the communities we serve succeed.